Rubber Track Recycling

Rubber Track Recycling solutions

SPS are one of the only companies in the UK to offer a credible, licensed rubber track disposal service.


The disposal of worn Rubber Tracks through traditional channels (i.e. landfill) has always been difficult...Now it is impossible!


Because of an EU Council Directive (Directive 1999/31/EC of 26 April 1999), landfill sites are now refusing to take old Rubber Tracks, leaving plant owners and operators with a significant problem!


Secondly, because of the amount of Steel contained in a Rubber Track, other disposal companies such as tyre recycling plants are also not able to dispose of Rubber Tracks.


But SPS can now offer 2 rubber track recycling solutions: 

Bulk Recycling Solution:

Do you have a large quantity of old tracks to dispose of?  SPS can arrange to collect the tracks and dispose of them in a fully compliant way, including all transport and documentation.


1-for-1 Solution:

Once your backlog of old tracks has been removed, SPS can offer a 1-for-1 solution where we will dispose of an old track for every new track you purchase.  This means you save valuable yard space, removes a potential fire hazard and keeps you compliant.

Our Latest Solution! 

Bulk Bag Solution!

Our bulk bag solution is the mid-range option, if you have more than one track, but not enough to warrent a full bulk collection!

For a one-off-fee, you will recieve our 'Bulk Bag Solution Kit'. This compromises of a bulk recycling bag, cable ties to strap the track into an appropriate shape, and all the paperwork required. The one-off-fee also includes carriage and handling charges, so once you have filled the bag, fill out our easy online form to arrange a collection!

To find out more, email:, or call: 01430 828945


What happens to the old rubber tracks?

All Rubber Tracks are disposed of using latest recycling technology, which is fully in accordance with EU Environmental Regulations.  A recycling certificate will be provided once the process is complete to allow you to complete your audit trail.


Full Details can be found in our Rubber Track Recycling Brochure


Can I just recycle Rubber Tracks?

The SPS rubber track recycling solution isn't just available for Rubber Tracks.  We can also recycle a wide range of other rubber products that hire companies find difficult to dispose of including:

  • Rubber Pads
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Agricultural Tyres
  • Agricultural Tracks
  • Road Cone Bases
  • Rubber Water Pump Hoses
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Security Fencing Bases


To find out more about your specific requirements, please email and the sales team will be happy to quote on your requirements.


If you have a bulk load of tracks to dispose of, Download our Recycling Enquiry Form, and email or fax it back to us and we will be happy to work out a quotation for you.


*Conditions Apply to the Free Recycling Service - Click Here for Details