What are K-series Rubber Pads?

K-series Rubber pads for excavators

K-Series rubber pads represent an advance in the Rubber Pad market.  Available exclusively from SPS, these pads have been independently tested and proved to offer significant cost savings compared with other rubber pads in the market.

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How are K-Series Rubber Pads different from other Rubber Pads?


K-Series Pads are expertly engineered using an optimal blend of Natural and Synthetic rubber to create a product that significantly outperforms other products in the market.


The natural rubber content of the K-Series pads comes from Malaysia - home to the highest quality rubber in the world.


K-series pads have been subject to independent testing to compare the quality versus other products in the market.


This testing unveiled 2 significant differences:

  • 32% Increased Wear Resistance
  • 40% Increased Bonding Strength of the Rubber to Steel Components


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What are the Benefits to you?


• With 32% increased wear resistance pads last longer, reducing how often the pads have to be replaced
• Increased versatility - machine can be converted back to steel quickly & simply
• Capped nuts to protect thread on pads for easy removal
• Stronger than roadliner pads, meaning less chance of bending.
• Lower maintenance cost means more profit for you
• 40% increased bonding strength prevents pads from chunking and failing early


Available in both Bolt-On and Clip-On Pad styles, SPS stock a wide range of pads to suit machines from 5 ton up to 21 ton, and for steel tracks from 400mm wide up to 700mm wide.


Click Here to view K-Series pads online


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