Clip-on Pads, Bolt-on Pads, Roadliner Pads

SPS can supply a wide range of rubber pads to suit excavators from 5 ton up to 21 ton.

There are 3 main types of Rubber Pad available: Clip-On, Bolt-On and Roadliner pads.


Clip-On Pads:  Clip on rubber pads provide a flexible solution for protecting delicate surfaces such as roads and car parks etc.  Quick to fit, and remove, Clip-On pads give you the flexibility to be able to use your machine in a wide range of situations.  Clip-On rubber pads are available for machines from 3 tons up to 21 tons, and for tracks from 300mm wide up to 800mm wide, covering most machines in the market today.

Bolt-On Pads: Bolt On rubber pads are an ideal option where the steel track shoes are pre-drilled, as is becoming more popular in today's market.  The benefit is the strength the steel shoe is retained, and the pad has a lower profile, with no clips overhanging the steel shoe.  These pads are available in a wide range of sizes to suit machines from 3 to 21 ton.

Roadliner Pads: Roadliner Rubber Pads (or City Pads as they are sometimes known) provide a complete replacement for the steel track shoes on an excavator.  These pads are ideally suited for machines working on easily damaged road surfaces, such as Roads and Car Parks.  The pad contains a heavy duty steel grouser plate within its structure and is covered with a hardwearing rubber compound, to give maximum wearability.


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