What size rubber track do I need?

How do I measure my rubber tracks? Width, Links and Pitch explained!

Many people find it difficult to identify what size rubber track is fitted on their digger, so we have put some information to help you!

When diggers first started being sold with rubber tracks life was simple, with only 3 or 4 different sizes!  Since then the market has become considerably more complex.

How To Measure The Width Of A Rubber Track?

The first major differentiating factor, and also the easiest to identify is the width of the track.  Rubber tracks now range from 130mm wide right up to a massive 800mm wide for track dumpers!

The easiest way to measure the width of your track is by using a steel ruler, tape measure or something similar! Simply measure from edge to edge on the outside of the track!

Excavators are typically fitted with tracks as follows:

0.75 ton Digger = 180mm wide

1.5 ton Digger = 230mm wide

3 ton Digger = 300mm wide

3.8 - 4.5 ton Digger = 350mm wide

5 - 6 ton Digger = 400mm wide

8-9 ton Digger = 450mm wide


Measure Rubber Track Width


How To Measure The Length Of A Rubber Track?

The next major differentiating factor, and also fairly easy to identify, is the number of links in the rubber track.

Due to differing track frame lengths, different machines are fitted with different length tracks. 

The easiest way to work out how many links are in your rubber track is to count them!  A link is the metal drive bar that engages around the drive sprocket.

A quick tip to help you count them, is to pick a link in a clearly visible location, and mark it with either a marker-pen or a paint pen! Then work your way around the track, counting the links as you go until you reach your mark again! 


Measure Track Length



How To Measure The Pitch Of A Rubber Track?

What is pitch on a rubber track?  This is the measurement from the centre of one track link, to the centre of the next.

Due to the precise engineering in a rubber track, it is extremely difficult to measure this accurately from the outside of the track.

If you have no other way of getting this information, then we recommend measuring across at least 5 track links, and then dividing the measurement as this increases the accuracy.


Measure Track Pitch


All these measurements are usually put together into a track size which is stamped into the rubber on the inside of the rubber track.

This is usually formatted as follows: 230 x 96 x 31 (230 = width of track, 96 = pitch of the track and 31 = number of links in the track).


Rubber Track Dimensions Label


Be careful though by just using the track size!  In recent years some manufacturers have introduced other variations of a size, usually denoted by additional letters in the track size. For example, Kubota have introduced K Style tracks which have extra metal in to support the rollers, and Yanmar have their own offset style tracks which are again another style.

For your complete peace of mind, SPS have databases of information which allows them to work from the machine make and model to allow us to supply the correct track for your mini digger or excavator, and ensure you get the right product first time, every time.

Even if you are struggling to determine what size tracks you require, SPS are here to help! Our friendly sales team have great knowledge, and should be able to advise you on which track you need to buy! 

Give us a call on 01430 828 945, or email us on sales@southernplantspares.com

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