UNI-TUSK X1 Safety Innovation Award Winner


SPS are very excited to announce that the Rhinox UNI-TUSK X1 Bucket Blade System has won the PLANTWORX 2017 award for safety innovation! 

The UNI-TUSK X1 has been designed to reduce utility strikes, while at the same time retaining the strength of the bucket. This is instead of the conventional method that contractors use which is to remove the teeth completely and just using the bare bucket.

These are just some of the features that the judges at PLANTWORX 2017 decided make it a worthy winner of the Safety Innovation Award!

The UNI-TUSK X1 will be on display for visitors to look at, and our friendly sales team along with the Rhinox sales team will be at hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the UNI-TUSK or any other product that Rhinox and SPS have to offer!


You can find out more about the UNI-TUSK by watching our video, or by contacting our sales team!

To read more about the UNI-TUSK X1, read our blog post HERE

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