Proud to be bringing manufacturing back to Britain...

 welding buckets for diggers

Here at SPS we are proud to be bringing manufacturing back to Britain.

Since early 2015 we have begun building excavator buckets and attachments at our East Yorkshire facility starting with just one member of the team.


Today I am proud to report that our team has increased to 8 full time engineering / fabrication staff, with great prospects ahead!


So next time you are reading the news about the doom and gloom in the economy and jobs being lost, manufacturing production down just think back to the team at SPS and how we are not only supporting our customers, but we are supporting our country - it's all part of our efforts to go further and really make a difference!


So why have we brought manufacturing back to the UK? 

 manufacturing excavator parts in britain

1) We can offer faster turnaround for our customers meaning you can keep your diggers and telehandlers out on hire earning you money


2) Quality - we have complete control over the quality of our buckets and attachments meaning you get the best products possible.


3) It supports jobs in Britain - making our country a better place to be!


What are we manufacturing?

We are building everything from 1.5 Ton buckets up to 30 Ton buckets!  The largest bucket we have built to date was a 60" bucket to fit a 30 Ton Hidromek excavator which was being demonstrated at Hillhead 2016 Exhibition.


We also build a lot of telehandler buckets for JCB, Manitou, Merlo, Bobcat and CAT Telehandlers.


In addition to the above products, we also produce Riddle buckets for machines from 1.5 ton up to 20 ton, land rakes, ripper teeth and clay buckets (that's buckets for digging clay, not a bucket made of clay!!)


Our team puts innovation and creativity at the forefront of everything we do and we believe this brings many unique products ad designs to the market to assist our customers in a number of ways.


So next time you need a replacement bucket, please give us a try and remember you are supporting jobs and growth in Britain.

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