How To Change A Rubber Track?

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I was recently asked by a customer how do I fit a rubber track, so I thought I would put together a blog post to help other customers in the future.

Follow these steps in order, to fit a rubber track:

  1. The first step is to find the grease nipple which is on the end of the track adjuster.  There is normally a small plate on the side of the track frame that can be unbolted and removed.  Behind this plate, you should be able to see the end of the track adjuster.
  2. You need to unscrew the grease nipple and remove it, and this will let all the grease out, which is used to tension the rubber track.
  3. Once the grease nipple is removed, lift the side of the digger off the ground using the arm of the machine, and the weight of the track should push the track adjuster in.
  4. Remove the old rubber track (on larger machines you might be glad of someone to assist you, as the tracks are quite heavy!)
  5. Hook the new rubber track onto the idler end of the digger first.
  6. Start to hook the other end of the rubber track onto the sprocket end.  You will probably find it will start to be tight, and you can only get it on so far.
  7. Get someone to very carefully start to rotate the track forward slightly  The digger should start to pull the track on
  8. If necessary use a bar to lever the track link over the sprocket.
  9. Once the track is on replace the grease nipple on the end of the track adjuster, and using a grease gun pump grease into the piston to re-tension the track.
  10. You want to tension the track until you have approx. 15-20mm clearance beneath the bottom rollers.
  11. Replace the plate on the side of the track frame.
  12. Re-check the track tension after 1 day, and then after a week, as they do stretch slightly when they are new.

If you are struggling to get rid of your old rubber tracks, check out our track recycling scheme here

I would be glad to hear other people's thoughts and suggestions on better ways to fit rubber tracks - please don't hesitate to email me at to share your ideas.

We are also working on putting a video together and will share it on this blog post once we have it together.

Thanks for reading

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