Shipping excavator parts right across the globe!

With the rapid rise of modern technology supplying parts across the globe is no longer an issue.
SPS are increasingly being asked to supply parts across Europe, and further afield than that!  And whats more we have the facilities and infrastrucure in place to be able to meet these demands from our customers.
To date we have shipped goods as far as New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada, whilst nearer to home we regularly supply into almost every European Country and Scandanavia.
Using recognised carriers we can ship goods to Scandanavia in 3-4 days, and Holland, Belgium and France can be as quick as only 2 days!  Making SPS a your valuable partner for your spare parts requirements.

So whatever your requirements for excavator spare parts, we are here to help.  Our website is constantly being updated with new products, but if ever can't see your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at - we are here to help you.

Likewise if you are unable to find a shipping rate on the website for your country, please drop us an email and we can calculate the best rate for you.  We work with a number of high-profile logistics companies, and usually arrange shipping quickly and cost effectively to most parts for the world.


We look forward to assisting you...


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